Hear the new Tom Petty song "Gainesville"

I first saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at a nightclub called The Bottom Line in New York City. Must've been either 1977 or 1978.  Petty was dressed in tight black leather that night and the band was on fire.  I knew then that something big was happening with these guys.

Since then, I've seen them several times through the years and it was always a great show.  Tom Petty was a true rock-and-roller because he couldn't be anything else.  Great songwriter, great singer, great band leader.

I wasn't surprised when I read that he had left behind a bounty of live and unreleased material.  A lot of it will be released to the public this Friday in a box set called "An American Treasure."  Here's a link to the official press release about the new set.

You might have heard the song "Keep a Little Soul" from "An American Treasure" on NNJ.  A video for another new one called "Gainesville" was released just last week.  Gainesville is Mr. Petty's hometown. And here it is:

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