Is this Police K9 Abuse or Proper "Technique"?

The unnamed officer can be seen hitting his K-9 partner with its leash and then using that leash to lift the German Shepherd completely off of the ground, danging helplessly by its neck.

The officer then uses the end of the leash to strike the dog repeatedly before returning to his squad car.

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave and has had his K-9 partner removed from his care

More on this from Indianas local sources HERE 

This is just another example of how 1 "bad" cop can make an ugly name for police around the entire country ! 

We totally support all of the men and women in law enforcment. We also support calling out and holding those accountable for their bad actions and the ones who abuse their power and position in our communities !

Wrong is wrong whether your a law enforcement officer, politician, or just a regular citizen.

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