Van Halen Classic-Era Manager Auctioning Off Collection

Noel Monk managed Van Halen from 1978 to 1985, the golden years for Eddie, Dave, Alex and Michael Anthony.  Monk is auctioning off many items in his Van Halen collection in an auction that's set to run from October 13-21 on Backstage Auctions.  Noel wrote "Running with the Devil," a personal memoir of his years with Van Halen and says it's time to auction off his personal stuff.

Over 400 items are up for auction including gold records, original artwork, Christmas cards, guitar picks, tour itineraries and a whole bunch more.  Just reading through this stuff is pretty interesting for any Van Halen fan.  Some items start as low as $100.

See the auction page from Backstage Auctions right here.

Van Halen, years ago, at an MTV Video Music Award Show.  (Photo: Don Emmert/Getty Images)

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