New LEGOLAND NY HR Director has 1300 job openings

If you're hoping to land a job at Legoland New York, you'll probably be speaking with Susan Eisma.

Susan Eisma -- a native of Florida, New York and a graduate of Goshen High School -- has been named Human Resources Director for Legoland New York, it was announced today.   Ms. Eisma will oversee the recruiting, training and hiring of nearly 1,300 "Model Citizens," the term Legoland uses to mean "employees."  Susan previously worked at the Patina Restaurant Group and the Aramark Corporations. She currently lives in New City, NY

"I feel like a kid in a candy store," Ms. Eisma said in a press release.  "I'm a farmer's daughter -- my parents still live in the area -- and Legoland New York is the most exciting thing to happen to Orange County in a long time."

Legoland New York Divisional Director Mark Germyn says the park needs to recruit and hire at a rapid pace between now and the park's prospective opening in Spring of 2020.  "Ideally, we would like to hire as many people from the local area as possible," he said in today's statement.  

Legoland New York expects to hire 500 full-time year-round employees, 300 part-timers and 500 seasonal employees.

Here is the Jobs page of the Legoland New York website. 

Susan Eisma of Orange County is Legoland New York's new Human Resources Director.  Photo courtesy of Legoland New York 

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