Another Sussex Town Says "No" to Recreational Marijuana

Wantage has joined 70 other New Jersey municipalities in saying "no" to legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  A special ordinance was unanimously ratified on Thursday, according to the New Jersey Herald.

The ordinance has no effect on medical marijuana, but with Governor Phil Murphy gung-ho on making New Jersey the ninth state to legalize weed, the Wantage board wanted to make their voices heard.

Back in March, Governor Murphy's state budget proposal estimated an additional $60 million in revenue if recreational marijuana were legalized.  According to a poll conducted for Nuka Enterprises, a company in the marijuana-food business, 44 percent of New Jersey residents favor legalizing weed while 31 percent opposed it.  

New Jersey lawmakers continue to work on a legalization bill.  

The New Jersey Herald has the story.  

Photo: Pixabay 

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