Hopatcong Adjusts Hours for Door-to-Door Peddlers

Hopatcong residents may soon be answering their front doors as late as 9pm if a local ordinance about door-to-door soliciting is approved on October 17th, according to the New Jersey Herald.  

Hopatcong is just following a U.S. Supreme Court decision that has adjusted the cut-off time to 9pm. At the last council meeting, borough attorney John Ursin said "a lot of towns had ordinances that cut off soliciting and peddling at six or seven pm.  The U.S. Supreme Court decision came out and said that really was not a legitimate opportunity for somebody to go door-to-door because people aren't normally home before 5 or 6. And the Supreme Court set the time to 9."

The new hours do not include Sunday.

The new ordinance will be discussed at the next Hopatcong council meeting on October 17th.

New Jersey Herald has the full story. 

Photo: Pixabay

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