The NNJ Rock and Roll Challenge: ANSWER SHEET !

Thanks to EVERYONE who took our "New Jersey Rock-n-Roll Challenge" 

If you wanted to check and see how many you got right , HERE ARE ALL THE CORRECT ANSWERS : 

1: Name the band that Jon Bon Jovi formed in the late 70's that included David Bryan on keyboards and Al Chez on trumpet.
Answer:  Atlantic City Expressway

2: Who is the leader of the Shondells who now lives in Cedar Grove N.J.
Answer: Tommy James

3: Burt Renyolds and James Dean are both mentioned in the lyrics of one song by this singer/songwriter. Who is it ?
Answer: Bruce Springsteen ( BONUS: the song was " I'm a Rocker")

4: Name the band led by the late Pat DiNiziio
Answer: The Smithereens

5: Name the band who turned down the Woodstock Festival so they could play the Atlantic City Convention Center on August 19th, 1969
Answer: Led Zeppelin

6: Passaic, N.J. is the birthplace of which member of Steely Dan
Answer: Don Faghan

7: Name the group that formed in Newark N.J. who released "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" in 1962.
Answer: Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons

8: On June, 14th 1978, The marquee at the Capitol Theater in Passaic N.J. read " CLOSED FOR REPAIRS" !
Name the bad who secretly played there that night.
Answer: The Rolling Stones

9: Name the Skid Row song with the lyrics " my nasty reputation takes me everywhere"
Answer: "Youth Gone Wild"

10: Name the band who played in front of 100,000 people at Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ on September 3rd, 1977
Answer: The Grateful Dead

11: Name the Hackensack N.J. native who played wit h RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE
Answer: Joe Linn Turner

12: Name the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer who left Glassboro State College to pursue a career in music.
Answer: Patti Smith ( Patricia Lee Smith)

13: Name the band the includes the Kinchla Bros. from Princeton N.J.

14: Name the band that includes Bayonne N.J. native and drummer Clem Burke.
Answer BLONDIE  

15: Who was the guitarist who played at George's Club 20 in Hackensack N.J. on December 26th, 1965
Answer: Jimi Hendrix

16: Name the actor/ singer raised in Penns Grove N.J. who had a Top 10 hit called  "Respect Yourself".
Answer: Bruce Willis

17: Name the guitarist who graduated Woodbridge High School in 1977
Answer: Richie Sambora

18: Name the singer born in Teaneck N.J.who co-stared with John Wayne and Dean Martin in " Rio Bravo"
Answer: Ricky Nelson

19: Name the pioneering artist who spent the latter part of his 94 years in Mahwah N.J.
Answer: Les Paul

20: Who performed at the Atlantic City Convention Hall on August 30th, 1964

CONGRATS to our  GRAND PRIZE WINNER SARA W. from Franklin NJ who scored 4 V.I.P. passes to both the 2019 NJ Festival of Ballooning AND The 2019 Rock, Ribs and Ridges festival.

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