Hello,Roger Daltrey ? You're my Dad!

Roger Daltrey certainly has lived the rock and roll lifestyle.  It also seems fitting that he wasnt the ideal husband while out on tour with the Who during the 60's and 70's. Roger told the MIRROR that sometime in his 50s, he realized he didn't have FIVE kids, he had EIGHT.                 

"They all came into my life after my 50th birthday.  It was great . . . it's all worked out.  They stay in touch and they're close . . . I've tried to do my best about a situation that couldn't change because it happened a long time ago" 

Now you ask....How did this happen ? 

See the Article in the MIRROR UK here

It appears Rogers wife/ model, Heather Taylor ( who was actually the "FOXY LADY" Jimi Hendrix sung about) turned a blind eye towards Rogers indiscretions while out on tour ! " To have a wife who understood the business is like... and to accept that and still want to be with me ...was a gift"

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