Will New Jersey Have a Cold and Snowy Winter?

The U.S. Climate Prediction Center, an affiliate of the National Weather Service, has spoken.  Will the Garden State get hit with a string of snowstorms this winter?  Right now, winter in New Jersey seems to be more warm and wet than cold and dry.   Temperatures in northern New Jersey are expected to be nearly 33-40 percent warmer than usual. 

Much of the projection concerns the emergence of an El Nino weather pattern.  An El Nino is expected to happen within the next two months, but forecasters say it will be weak.  An El Nino pattern, which happens over the Pacific Ocean, actually influences weather patterns across the globe.

New Jersey climatologist David Robinson of Rutgers University told NJ.com:  “If an El Niño appears, we’d more likely have average to above-average temperatures and average to above-average precipitation this winter.  As for snow, it is hit or miss. It all depends on any alignment of cold and moisture.” 

NJ.com has the full story.  

Photo: Pixabay 

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