Actor cuts own arm off, claims to be wounded Vet!

Meet Todd Latourette , an actor from New Mexico. 

Maybe you've seen him the Toby Keith movie "Beer for My Horses"  and on episodes of  "Better Call Saul" plus more...

Todd has been doing what would most would call "Stealing Valor".  He has been telling people he is a wounded veteran for years to get work.  But he's now admitting he struggles with mental illness, and he cut his own arm off wit h a skill saw 17 years ago during a psychotic episode.

He said in a recent interview that he knows this could kill his acting career, but he just wants to do the right thing and bring awareness to those who suffer from mental illness.           

He says , "The power is in your hands to take your medication in the morning, or at night.  So that, this, this discourse of my life doesn't need to necessarily be yours.  Because, it happens quick . . . it happens quick."

Is Todd a brave survivor for coming clean about what he did and his struggles with mental illness? Or, should he be demonized for stealing valor from the real men and women who have lost life and limb while actually serving our country ?

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