Family of Leanna Walker finally gets closure.

We covered this story on the air and on our websites when it happened in 2016 .

There is a tragedy on both sides of this story.  Both families have to deal with the consequences of this horrible situation.
There needs to be more attention paid to those people with documented mental illness. We're responsible for making sure they get the proper medical attention they REQUIRE in order for things like this to be avoided

 It hits close to home for us, as our friend and co-worker, Steve Anderews from 102.3 WSUS met Sky McDonough.
 Steve shares in his blog today :
 " My stepson knew Sky and Leanna. There was no doubt in his mind Sky was capable of this terrible murder.  I met Sky once at my home. He seemed like a troubled young man but I could not predict he would murder his 17 year old girlfriend.                               

Several weeks after Leanna disappeared her burned remains were discovered buried on a llama farm where Sky used to work.  At the time McDonough was already in the Pike County jail facing unrelated charges. He did not admit to murdering Leanna Walker until yesterday afternoon. 

     Many people may wonder why McDonough was allowed to plead guilty to a 3rd degree murder charge instead of first degree murder.  The reason is McDonough was suffering from mental illness. Yesterday during his hearing McDonough testified that he had been treated for mental illness in the past but was not being treated now. Instead of facing life in prison he will face up to 40 years behind bars."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Leanna Walker....and may the family of Sky McDonough find peace with the courts decision.



Photo: Pixabay

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