Does My Boss Have to Give Me Time Off to Vote?

It's a question that comes around in early November.  Does my boss have to give me time off to vote? PAID time off?

The answer ... depends on which state you work in.

In New York, an employer needs to give you two hours of PAID time off to vote, with exceptions.  If the employee has four hours available before or after his or her work shift, the employer is off the hook.  The employee must provide notice not more than ten days nor less than two working days of their intention to take time off to vote. And the employer may specify which two hours the employee can take off.  

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, things are much different.  Employers in these states are not obligated to give employees time off to vote.

Here's a story about all of this from Business Insider. 

Graphic:  Pixabay 

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