This BRAIN TEASER is causing major arguments !

How many animals are going towards the river ?

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I came across this brain teaser while trolling the internet last night.
I shared it on my facebook page and it started a MAJOR debate. Even some of my friends who have law degrees were getting into the discussion.

Its a SIMPLE QUESTION. " How many animals are going towards the river?"

Thank god there is some sort of answer to all this ..

Granted,  lt had to be looked up, but here's what we found...

1 rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Hence, 1 animal (rabbit) is going towards the river. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going towards the river. ( This is the tricky part!) From the sentence it seems to imply each of the 6 elephants saw 2 monkeys going towards the river, hence logically will be 6 x 2 = 12 animals (monkeys) going towards the riverHowever, the statement does not explicitly mention that “Every elephant saw 2 DIFFERENT monkeys…”
in this case IMPLICIT RULES apply and infer that the 2 monkeys are the same. Hence, correct answer is that every elephant saw 2 monkeys, and by inference, the 2 monkeys are the same, hence there exists only 2 monkeys which are going towards the river !! 

Finally, every monkey holds 1 parrot in their hands. Hence, 2 parrots ( because they are being held by the monkeys) are also going towards the river. 
So in total, 1 rabbit, 2 monkeys and 2 parrots (5 animals) are going towards the river.

Have a great day ! 

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