Mom Releases Helmet Video Of Sons Fatal Crash

Back in 2014 near the English village of Norfolk, young motorcyclist David Holmes died when his motorcycle slammed into a car.  Is it careless driving, or failure to be aware of your surroundings, on the part of the bikers or the auto drivers ? Unfortunately, in the case of this video, I would have to say the fault lies completely on the biker. Its sad that he had to loose his life for a little adrenaline rush.  Each year on our roadways , too many people are killed in motorcycle related crashes.  
Just this past  Saturday in Central N.J. a young man , 35 years old, was killed !
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The mother of the slain motorcyclist released the footage to raise awareness about the dangers of driving.

WARNING : These videos contain footage of the crash which some viewers may find distressing ! !



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