Duped "Homeless Vet" Donors Will Get A Refund from GoFundMe

The homeless vet and the couple who helped him raise nearly $400,000 in a GoFundMe scam all face charges of theft by deception and conspiracy.   Mark D'Amico, Katelyn McClure and Johnny S. Bobbitt Jr. all face multiple counts.   The story began when Bobbitt supposedly spent his last $20 to help Ms McClure when she supposedly ran out of gas on I-95.  McClure was hoping to raise $10,000 to get Bobbitt off the streets, but wound up taking in $400,000.  What parts of this story and what parts are made-up remain a myster.  

Go Fund Me announced yesterday that the 14,000 donors who were duped by the scam will all receive refunds.  

NJ. com has the story.  

Graphic: Pixabay 

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