Have you seen the "DOG CHEESE CHALLENGE" yet ?

Mission: The "Dog Cheese Challenge":
Objective: Land a piece of cheese on your dogs back and watch him struggle to get to it !       

The trend was started by a YouTuber from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. HIs name is Matthew Elias, who filmed the bizarre moment with his dog Charlie.

He told Buzzfeed News: 'I’ve been throwing cheese at stuff and laughing about it since I was a kid, so naturally once I ran out of inanimate objects to throw cheese on I thought....my dog.'

 Other social media users became "inspired" and began throwing cheese at their dogs... posting videos of their "hilarious" versions of the bizarre trend.

IMHO, There are much better ways to entertain your your pet and cure your boredom than THIS !  If you were looking forward to the Bowser edition of the Dog Cheese Challenge,  It's not going to happen.  Sorry ( not sorry)  ! 

If you ask me , this is just a ridiculous way torment your pet.  Please, STOP IT !  

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