Turkey Stuffing Sandwich, Anyone ?

How Long You Can Safely Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers ?             

It’s been a few days since Thanksgiving. That means you’ve probably had several rounds of turkey feast leftovers by now. But if you’re fridge is still full of food from your holiday feast, you’ve probably wondered exactly how long it’s safe to eat.

Both the FDA and foodsafety.gov advise eating your Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings within four (4) days, which makes your deadline for leftovers tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27th.

But that’s just a GUIDELINE...If your food starts to smell funky before then, the FDA says trash it.
A better rule is , "when in doubt, throw it out.”

Everyone knows I'm a bachelor, so please excuse my primal food preparation methods.  I'm using my singleness as an excuse to eat like a slob ! 

Don't worry ,  I washed my hands first ....

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