Ugly "Reindeer Boob" Sweaters Are A "Thing"

Men AND Women are taking to the internet with this new holiday trend..
" ReindeerBoob" Sweaters !                  

People are turning their old christmas sweaters into brand new trending style called ReindeerBoob and this is mostly taking place all over instagram. 

This is just a tutorial video so you can get some ideas.
Please , use your own creativity!

Feel free to share your own holiday "creations" on our facebook page.

For the more "shy" and less adventrous types...this is a tutorial using a sweater, ribbon, hot glue, googly eyes, felt material, and a "stunt breast", so you dont have to use your own ~

However you choose to display your creative "holiday spirit", we wish you a happy and healthy season and a wonderful new year !
Most of all have fun!

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