Wallkill Valley RHS Closed After Home Explosion

A home on Grumm Road in Hardyston exploded around 11:00pm last night.

The home is located across the street from Wallkill Valley Regional High School, and debris from the blast cracked windows at the school which will be closed today.  (11/28) Grumm Road surrounding the explosion is also closed until further notice.   According to the NJ Herald : "responders were called around 10:50 p.m. for a report of a bulding explosion on Grumm Road. When they arrived on the scene the house was completely gone and there was a hole in the ground where it had stood...'

Hardyston Fire Chief Anthony Ceglia said although an investigation is ongoing, it is believed the explosion was caused by a propane tank."'

The NJ HERALD has PHOTOS in their FULL article HERE 

Firefighter Photo : PIXABAY

Firefighter Photo: PIXABAY

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