21 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Mall Santas

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.   Between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, mall Santas are very much in demand across the country.   And the job involves a bit more than just having Junior hop on your lap and ask "so what do you want for Christmas?"

The website MentalFloss has put together list of 21 behind-the-scenes secrets of being a mall Santa.  Did you know that a company named Noerr Programs Corporation runs a Santa University?  They prep nearly 278 Santas for gigs across the country and all their Santas pass a background check and several rounds of interviews. And a real beard is required.

Mall Santas must always stay in character.  They should have a bodyguard.  They should do their homework and know about the hot toys of the season.  And they should never promise anything!

Here are the complete 21 behind-the-scenes secrets of being a mall Santa from Mental Floss.  

Photo: Pixabay 

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