New Jersey Family Faces Thousands in Fines For Extravagant Holiday Lights

For the past fifteen years,. Tom Apruzzi has decorated his house in Old Bridge, New Jersey, with tens of thousands of glimmering lights.  His home display attracts hundreds of visitors every December.

This year, city officials want Mr. Apruzzi to pay for a police presence to oversee the traffic.  They've asked him to pay $3,000 every night to cover security costs.  Apruzzi says he won't do it, and claims this is a first amendment issue.  "Free speech" and "free religion" he told CBS News.  

The Apruzzi family collects donations every year to fundraise for a charity that houses veterans.  As for now, Tom won't pay any fines.

Here's the story from CBS News.  

And here's a video from  

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