"The Boss" Opens Up About His Own Mental Illness

The Boss said in a new interview with Esquire, that he's struggled with mental illness his whole life. His battles have left plenty of scars, But now he worries about seeing the signs developing in his children.

"I have come close enough to [mental illness] where I know I am not completely well myself" Springsteen said, when talking of his family history with depression and his tough upbringing.



Bruce says: "I've had to deal with a lot of it over the years, and I'm on a variety of medications that keep me on an even keel; otherwise I can swing rather dramatically and ... just .... the wheels can come off a little bit. So we have to watch, in our family. I have to watch my kids, and I've been lucky there. It ran in my family going way before my dad."

Springsteen says the most important thing for people with mental illness to remember is that to be idle is to lose the battle; there's no ignoring it. 

See more of the interview HERE !

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