Thrillist's 60 Best TV Shows of 2018

     Problem is ... there's too much quality programming being produced and not enough time to watch it all. 

     Personally, this year I loved "Better Call Saul,""The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," and "The Kominsky Method," and I got a kick out of "Crawling," "American Vandal," "Barry," and "Billions." Now that's just seven titles.  And I feel like I watch enough TV.  So where am I going to find the time to watch more?

     Well, if I do find the time, I can start with this new list to find the content.  John Sellers at the great website Thrillist has put together this list of what the calls the 60 Best TV shows of 2018, just published today.

     Is your favorite on here?  

Too much TV.  Not enough time to watch all the good stuff.  Photo: Pixabay

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