Drivers steal $20's,$50's & $100's off Rt 3.

So, basically ..a car rear ended a Brinks truck popping the lock sending cash flying all over Rt 3. 

Multiple drivers stopped traffic to grab the cash. The thing that most people dont realize is that its considered STEALING. East Rutherford Police are encouraging anyone who may have picked up the bills to return them to the police station without fear of prosecution. Others, whos licence plates may have been recorded on video , could face charges when located. They posted to social media : 

We have had several individuals contact ERPD & return money in this case. We would like to advise people if they have any money connected to this incident to contact ERPD at 201-438-0165 to make arrangements for its return with no charges filed.

See the New Jersey News 12 Report HERE

Almost $10,000 has already been returned to police

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