30 years, still feels like yesterday!

Dec 18th, 1988.    I went to visit my grandmother who was at home, in bed... ridden with cancer! She had been suffering for 19 months. She woke out of  what seemed to be a sound sleep and sat strait up and looked at me , eyes clear as the blue sky and said, "Everything is going to be okay, I love you " , then she laid right back down and immediately closed her eyes.  I would never again see them open!

I immediately called my mom asking if I could stay with my gram overnight because something "didnt seem right", but because i had school the next day , she said "no...come home ! The doctors said she is in remission. She'll be fine"

Dec 19th, 1988.

At school the very next morning, the lady from the office came to my first period class to have me gather my things and follow her down the hall. My mother was waiting in the office with the sad news written all over her face.  She didnt need to say anything. 

.Just 6 days before Christmas, our beloved "Gram" had passed. 

My Grandma.

    The days following were numbing for a young man of just 16 years old.
Our grandmother was the glue that held our family together. For the past 30 years our family has slowly drifted apart. Christmas has never been  the festive time it used to be!
  Most of the traditions we loved as kids faded with the years.

 The one thing that hasn't faded are the loving memories of this woman who loved and helped raise us! We hold onto those memories very dearly.  It doesnt make missing them any easier, but it makes having the memories sweeter. 

We love you Gram.  Seated next to your creator on 12/19/1988!

To anyone missing their loved ones this Holiday Season ... you're not alone !

Merry Christmas to all...and a Happy and Healthy 2019


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