9 year old loses eye after NERF gun accident !

Lets start by saying that obviously guns of any kind do pose a threat of danger if NOT USED PROPERLY.

A 9 year old boy needs a new eye, because hit friend shot him with a NERF dart.

   The weird twist in this story is that for young Taylor-Jay Ravicini of Swansea in Wales, this is the 2nd time hes been injured in that same eye.  When he was 6, he was hit in the eye by a toy arrow. Doctors managed to save his eye. But now, the unlucky boy’s mom needed to start a fundraiser to get him a prosthetic eye after Taylor-Jay had to have the organ removed after his friend shot a Nerf gun pellet at him, hitting in the same eye injuring it further.

His mom says "Doctors told us that he risked losing sight in both eyes if we didn’t remove the damaged one.”

NERF Photo :Pixabay

 NERF photo: Pixabay

Will there be a BAN on NERF GUNS now ? ... ** Insert SARCASM ** NERF guns around the world being pulled off  shelves in stores everywhere. Federal Firearms ID required for purchase. Your child may even need to be fingerprinted and listed as the primary user of the 'weapon' !!! 

 My thoughts are simple , kids will be kids and accidents will happen. This is very unfortunate for the young boy who lost his eye. And probably traumatic for the friend who accidentally shot him.

 The moral of the story is the very basic lesson we learned when we played with our very first toy gun.

 The NY Post Has the Article HERE 

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