NJ Motor Vehicle License Photo...Boy, have I aged!

My driver's license was expiring on 12/31/18. So, the procrastinator in me waited till the very last moment to go to the DMV for a new one. Well, there are several others that also procrastinated. Don't wait till the end of the month or the end of the year or you will feel like you are in the Soup Nazi  Seinfeld episode. "No license for you! One year!"  Good news is I got out fairly quickly considering the lines were long! Take a look at me in 2018 and what I looked like in, well, I am not sure of the year, but I think it was at least 15 years ago, maybe longer. I did not age well. Not to make excuses but I was very tired when this photo was taken as I did the morning show 3 days before it was taken. Oh, and I will be buying "Just for Men" today. 


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