Porcupine "ATTACKS" in Blairstown on the rise ?!

Before I even read this article my first thought was "PORCUPINES DO NOT ATTACK"
They are very good at defending themselves however...

Porcupines are generally fearful of large animals (such as humans), and they’re not prone to make aggressive attacks. If a porcupine feels threatened, its quills will stick up to deter potential predators.

The NJ HERALD has an article you can see HERE !

It saddens me that we humans take away so much natural habitat from our local wildlife, yet they get a bad rap when they are forced to encounter humans (or our pets)! There is a serious disconnect between making progress, and taking advantage of our natural rescources !
We need to do work harder at peaceful co-existence !

I stand with the animals ! 


Photo: Pixabay

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