Man Says Burger King Reneged on "Burgers For Life"

Curtis Brooner went into the bathroom of the Burger King in Wood Village, Oregon.  After washing his hands, he attempted to leave but the lock broke.  He was trapped in the john.

Burger King personnel slid a fly swatter under the door.  Curtis attempted to jimmy the lock and ended up, he says, cutting his hand.  After an hour, a locksmith came to Curtis's rescue.

According to Curtis, he was offered free meals for the rest of his life by the BK manager.  And for a few weeks, they honored that deal ... until a regional manager caught wind of what was happening, and put an end to the deal.

Curtis hired a lawyer, and he is now asking for $9,026.16 in damages.  

You can find out how arrived at the figure, and a few other details about Curtis Brooner right here.

Photo: Pixabay 

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