23andMe sells DNA Test Results for $300 Million.

It might be time for people to reconsider before they spit in a cup to discover their genetic history via D.N.A testing. 

Many folks are using services such as 23andMe and Ancestry.com to learn about their past. Many also use these services to gain more profound insights into their biological makeup, which is often used to assess risk for diseases, such as cancer. 

GlaxoSmithKline has announced a four year deal with 23andMe that allows them access to everyone’s genetic information for purposes pertaining to drug research.



The article states: "The ability to access such high volumes of saliva data is likely worth much more than $300 million. The variety of genes, the uniqueness, and individual profiles is something rarely achieved by request or payment for such things."

The article continues:
 " Worse more, 23andMe has become a blatant, unabashed wing of the pharmaceutical industry. The company has current deals with Pfizer and Lundbeck. Additionally, some believe that 23andMe may transition into the drug development sphere in a more independent undertaking"


THE MORAL of the story.. 

Always check the fine print before you sign up for any services that require  your personal or genetic information.

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