Town Pays $235k to Employee Who Claims She Had Breast Milk Squirted at Her

A former Belleville NJ township employee has been paid $235,000 in a lawsuit she brought against the town.  The employee, 51-year-old Cheryl Jeanette, claims that her co-workers made her workplace "sexually hostile" and says one even squirted breast milk at her!

In her lawsuit, Ms. Jeanette alleged that two fellow employees had "openly dated Belleville police officers" and "eagerly flaunted the intimate details of their sexual relationships" in the office.  Ms. Jeanette claims that these employees received preferential treatment from supervisors.  

The lawsuit also claims, in 2009, that one of the women "intentionally exposed her breast" and "excreted breast milk on her."  Oh boy.

There are more details in the full story on

Photo: Pixabay

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