WARNING:These dog treats get smelly "in the end".

If youre looking for a healthy treat to give you dog...try to find the "B.L.T" Wraps' in your local pet food/supply store. Before you go thinking Bacon , Lettuce and Tomato.. THIS  "BLT" is BEEF LUNG TRACHEA. 

About a 3" section of dried beef trachea is stuffed with protien packed dried cows lungs.  Its loaded with fiber , protein and 1500mg of glucosamine which is a wonderful suppliment if your dog has Lyme disease like my Bowser...



While the Beef Trachea treats  are longer lasting for your slightly aggressive chewer and are 100% digestible ( which makes them them a healthier alternative to the traditional rawhide chew which you should NEVER give your dog) the digestion process creates what i found to be an unbearable level of methane within the dogs body. 

   Be careful that your little fur-friend doesnt get ahold of the ENTIRE bag while your at work. 

 Upon the inevitable release of such gasses after his sneaky indulgence the other day, living with this lovable creature was almost impossible for approximately 24 after ingestion. Windows needed to be opened and plenty of ventilation was required. I even considered purchasing a gas mask.
Its seriously the worst thing Ive ever smelled.... EVER! 


In conclusion, its the age old rule "all things in moderation".  While the treats Im talking about today are healthy and harmless to the dog.. I cant say the same for us owners who have to share space with these little methane factories after they get their 'treat'. 

Good Luck . 

Borasio & Bowser

Photo :Borasio

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