Can You Design A New Bethel Woods Poster?

Are you artistically inclined?  Do you know someone who is?  Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has announced a new Peace, Love and Posters contest with a top cash prize of $2500.

Now they're not looking for a festival poster for their big event August 16th-18th..  Their website says, and this is verbatim:  

The Woodstock festival of 1969 captured the spirit of a generation and the imagination of the world.

Fifty years later, Bethel Woods seeks a poster design that will capture how this spirit of community and creativity continues.

The grand prize is $2500 in cash, an all-expenses-paid trip to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, and participation in a Vibrations event featuring famous poster designers.  The panel of judges includes original Woodstock poster designer David Edward Byrd and Broadway poster artist Frank “Fraver” Verlizzo.  

The contest will open for submissions on February 6th with the deadline for entries on March 14th.

Get the info here - and good luck! 

Poster: Bethel Woods

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