Carlos Santana Says He's Playing the Bethel Woodstock Show

Carlos Santana says that his band will be playing the 50th Anniversary Concert at Bethel Woods in August.  The guitarist confirms his appearance in a story in Rolling Stone magazine published on Tuesday. 

"They have an amphitheater there," he says in the story.  "I'm going to invite whoever is still here, whether it's Joan Baez or members from Sly Stone, and I'm going to play Santana music.  Santana's going to be the house band, but I want to be able to honor those who are still here and maybe invite rappers like Common or Kendrick Lamar."

Santana goes on to say that he doesn't want his performance to be a jukebox in the twilight zone, stuck in the Sixties.

You can read the Rolling Stone piece here.  

Photo: Etienne Laurent / AFP / Getty Images 

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