Gary Cee's Movie Guide to Snowed-in Streaming

We've got snow rolling in on Saturday night, hanging around on Sunday, mixing with ice, then brutally cold temperatures on Sunday evening into Monday, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

So chances are good you'll be stuck in the house with time to stream a good film.  May I offer four suggestions?

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs -- The Coen brothers brought us Fargo, Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski and many more great dark comedies.  This one is set in the Old West and is made up of six separate vignettes. The Coen brothers might be an acquired taste but I love their stuff, and the episode with Tom Waits is great! (Available on Netflix)

Crazy Rich Asians - Have you seen this one yet?  It's terrific.  A young woman heads to Singapore with her boyfriend to meet his family and attend a wedding.  It's a very hip modern comedy produced in a classic romcom style.  I didn't think they made movies like this anymore.  You'll be tempted to fly off to Singapore after it ends.   See it for the story, the settings, the dumplings!  (Available on iTunes)

The Old Man & the Gun -- Robert Redford plays convict Forrest Tucker in this film based mostly on true stories.  Tucker says he broke out of jail nearly 18 times.  Here, Redford portrays him in his later years, but he's still robbing banks and courting a woman named Jewel, played by Sissy Spacek.  And guess who shows up in a supporting role?  Tom Waits!  (iTunes)

Leave No Trace -- I've been raving about this one since I saw it in June.  A veteran father with PTSD lives in the woods with his young daughter.  Authorities catch up with them, bring them in and try to get them situated in a better living situation, but the father wants no part of modern civilization.  Great performances here, but be warned:  this is a slow-moving film that might not be for everyone.  (iTunes) 

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