You Can Become a Living Tree After You Die!

   In Italy, a new project is being developed that has a unique approach to the concept of death.


"The idea of having your body become the seed of a tree after passing was developed by Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, and it is titled the “Capsula Mundi” project. The two designers came up with the idea of using an organic and biodegradable capsule as all-natural coffins, and are now trying to get it out of the start-up phase.

The idea is that, instead of creating burial grounds full of tombstones, the deceased will be able to provide nutrients for a tree of their choosing that will be placed on top of the area that they were buried."

Personally , being Buried or  Entombed in a Moseleum at are all just wastes of space to me .  
Cremation is an okay option if your family wants something they can pysically hold onto ( your ashes)
As for burial at sea ...( does that even happen anymore except for military personell ? ) well, at least the fishe get to eat !

Its something to consider ! 

Until the time comes .. Heres a helpful piece of advice!
Take one day at a time and enjoy every moment for wh tit is.
Dont let negative thoughts or negative people ruin your momentum.
You have only one life to live! So live each day as if it was your last , becaue some day it will be ! 



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