What Causes Someone to Become a Drug Addict?

The age old question on addiction is simple "What Causes Someone to Become a Drug Addict?"

I came across this article and it has some interesting perspectives on the issue. 

"There’s been the disease theory and model, which basically indicates that addiction is the result of a biological inability to resist substances.....

There is a science that purports the concept that addiction comes about from the reinforcing effect that drugs have on the brain.  The concept here is that drugs pass to the brain, create a pleasant result, a dopamine release, and so those drugs are automatically desired once again.....  

The genetic theory is an entirely different model, where supporters of the theory indicate that people inherit genetic abnormalities from one or more of their parents and that they become hooked on drugs or alcohol as a result...."

Opioid addiction is at an all time high in the Tri-State area. Knowledge is the first step in making progress on ending this epidemic.  




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