Q: "What's the Emergency?" A: "There are onions on my Bic Mac!"

Leslie McDonaugh's lawyer claims her client was very specific in his McDonald's order. "Big Mac, hold the onions."

So when Mr. McDonaugh DID get onions on his Bic Mac, he did what anyone else would do. He called the emergency police line, which is 999 in England. (McDonaugh claimed that a food allergy prevents him from consuming onions.)

Turns out Mr.McDonaugh was a bit inebriated. And by time the police arrived, he had already challenged the restaurant's manager to a fist fight. When the patrol asked him to leave the premises, he fell to the floor and grabbed the officer's leg. He also spat in the officer's face. He also admitted to drinking six cans of lager before he arrived at McDonald's.

Metro, out of England, has the whole story .

Photo: Pixabay

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