Middletown Fire Leiutenent and 20+ Others Busted for Drug Trafficking !

Officials said on Tuesday that fire Lt. Paul G. Smith used Middletown’s Central Firehouse for drug sales and to hold conspiracy-related meetings.

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An article in the Times Hearld-Record OnLine says "Police dubbed the investigation “Operation: Bread, White and Blues,” saying the name came from the defendants’ use of “bread” for money, “white” for cocaine and the blue-colored “blueberry” pills.

“Many of the people buying these pills thought they were buying OxyContin,” Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said, adding that this is the first fentanyl-trafficking ring of this scale in Orange County.

“Essentially, the firehouse was used at times by him to make sales and hold meetings”

Photo: N.Y. State Police

PHOTOS: NY State Police

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