Dating "Red Flags"? Just look to your dog before dating that person!

I caught this from Yahoo news

" It's a dog-eat-dog dating world out there. Fifty seven percent of dog owners say a new partner HAS to win over their furry friend before they fall for them, according to research.

A new study examining the dating behaviors of 2,000 dog owners uncovered that 63 percent say their pup plays a huge role in their romantic relationships and defining how things go.

In fact, half of the respondents surveyed wouldn't even consider being in a relationship with someone who didn't like their dog."

Here are 10 signs you might want to consider before going a secoind or third date !

1. The person is jealous over the attention you give to the dog.

2. They're too rough with the dog.

3. They don't show any interest in your dog or, completely ignore it.

4. They want to put the dog in a separate room when you're hanging out.

5. They get angry when you can't go somewhere because you have to take care the my dog.

6. They never pet your dog.

7. They tease the dog.

8. They don't show an interest your dog's health.

9. They say your dog smells.

10. They call your dog overweight or ugly. 

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