Franklin Mayor to pass the torch !

The current mayor of Franklin NJ, Nick Giordano, says he wont seek re-election.

From the NJ HERALD " Nicholas Giordano, who unseated a long-time mayor in 2015 to win his own term as the borough's mayor, announced Tuesday night he would not be running for a second term.

Giordano made the announcement as he was about to gavel to a close a meeting of the Borough Council, where he presides.

"I am placing my family and my own well-being to the forefront," he said after making the surprise announcement. "I have spent the better part of 14 years up here."

He did not mention any names but said that "from the bottom of my heart, I know the public will choose someone with the best intentions for Franklin".

See the full article from the NJ Herald HERE

Mayor Nick w. Bowser

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