WHAT WOULD YOU DO ? Verizon Worker Suspended For Saving Stranded Cat!

This is quite the moral dilemma ...


"Maurice German, a Verizon employee, was working in Port Richmond when he answered the distressed call of neighbors regarding their cat Princess Momma, who had been stuck on a telephone pole for the past 12 hours. However, what ended as a happy story for the cat ended with a job suspension for German."

See the full story HERE

" We The People" would never stand for this ..

Verizon spokesperson Rich Young said... “We take no joy in this job action,” “However, we’re committed and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe while working in a particular area.”

Basically.. in order to not be in this prediciment , Maurice was supposed to ignore the cat , and the residents plea for help ... in the community he serves. in order to not have any corporate "job action " taken against him.

Congrats, corporate america for once again displaying your glowing commitment to humanity and morality!

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