Exhibitionists Wanted For Nude NYC Photo Shoot

Artist Spencer Tunick is teaming up with the National Coalition Against Censorship for a nude New York City photo shoot scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd. He's recruiting willing participants right now.

"I hope to make a new nude photographic artwork on the streets of New York City that challenges the censorship rules of Instagram and Facebook" Tunick said in a statement. Tunick's interesting career already includes close to 75 large-scale nude projects. Tunick had 18,000 exhibitionists participate in a 2008 photo shoot in Mexico City.

Would you take it all off in the name of art?

Here's a story on Tunick's NYC project.

And here's his official website.

Thousands of people pose in the nude for

Thousands of people posed nude in Mexico City in 2007 for a Spencer Tunick project. Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP / Getty Images

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