Cat Killed With Arrow in Knowlton. Reward Offered *DISTURBING PHOTO*

Its just horrible that one of our "neighbors" did this...

My friend Becky Mace, one of the founders of the Lakota Wolf preserve, said her neighbor found the cat dead in her garden on April 27 with an arrow through its hip and opposite leg. (Photo below)

Becky had been feeding the cat since it wandered to her property this winter. She had hoped to trap it, have it spayed or neutered and eventually find it a forever home as she has done with many cats in the past.

There is a reward for information leading the the person responsible. Persons with information regarding the incident can contact the State Police Hope Barracks at 908-459-5098.

See the NJ Herald Article HERE

Stray Cat Killed in Knowlton (Photo B. Mace)
*GRAPHIC PHOTO* (Photo B. Mace)

Photos provided by Becky Mace

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