For Sale: the Sopranos House in North Caldwell, New Jersey

The house in North Caldwell, New Jersey used for exterior shots for the iconic TV series 'The Sopranos' is up for sale. Owners Patti and Victor Recchia are asking for a "starting price" of $3.4 million. (Property taxes are $34,005 a year.)

Exterior scenes were often shot here, and the interior served as the template for sets at Silvercup Studios in Queens, NY. Over six seasons, the crew used the property somewhere between 30 and 50 times.

Fans of the TV show stop by once in a while, according to Mr. Recchia, who told The New York Times: “They’ll pull up in like a limo or something, get out in a robe, and pick up a newspaper."

The house even has its own Facebook page.

You can read all about the sale of the house right here, from The New York Times.

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