"A Boy and His Dog !"

For many of us , our pets are a huge part of our lives. We consider them family. But how important is it for young childern to learn about animals and have pets from an early age ?

The story of how an unwanted pitbull (now named "Bella" ) who was abandoned at an apartment in Newark NJ ...became a babys best friend !

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A boy and his dog

I had a dog in my life from a very young age. His name was Rusty ! He was my first best friend.

Rusty passed away in my arms when he was 16 years old.... i was just about 20. We had him since he was a puppy and I was heartbroken. But the life lessons I gained from having him were priceless.

I hope the same happens with my nephew.

My sister has been doing a fantastic job since the day she brought a brand new baby into a home with a dog. Bella was abandoned in newark inside a crate. She was rescued and adopted by my sister about a year before she had my nephew ! Its been 2 years now and "Bella" has become my nephews best friend .

In fact it was on this day 1 year ago that he said his frst word.."Lella"

Im my sisters words : A boy and his dog.....

"If there was any question about the bond between these two it was resolved by Michael's first word... Not Mommy or Daddy - "Lella"..the DOG!!"

Having pets teaches children about kindness, empathy, resopnsibility and builds a strongh foundation for kind-hearted kids.

Enjoy the animals ... open you heart and home to a creature that has endless gifts to share , without ever speaking a single word !

The love you get in return will be priceless ~

Rememeber - DONT SHOP - ADOPT !


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