Check Out Borasio's "Critter Boxes"

A couple of weeks ago we had a little uninvited and otherwise misplaced visitor to our radio adorable (very weak and dehydrated) young Red Squirrel ! Check out the facebook video below !


After I captured the lil one, brought it directly to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary They are THE BEST , and one of only a few licensed wildlife rehabs in the state!

They did a great job getting it back to health. After a few weeks they called and said the squirrel was ready to be released back to the wild.

I figured, seeing that we found the little one inside the building here at the station, it didnt have a home of its own on the outsde! So, I made one !

My friend Don Oriolo has a beautiful 100 acre farm called Blue Arrow where this little squirrel will now its life happy and free.

If you ever get to visit Blue Arrow .. look for 'Schnaggle" in the Magic Forest . And also my "Critter Boxes" sprinkled around the property.

Im making more so if you want one .. let me know ! Hahaha

"Not everyone is in a position to help animals , but everyone is in a position to not harm them"~

More Photos HERE


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