Borasio's back...Heres a look at his "Vacation in Pictures" !

Sleeping past 7am .... The luxury of going back to bed if you so choose.. planning your entire day, or just relaxing and going where the wind takes you are all beautiful parts of being on Vacation. But not everything is smooth sailing. There will always be some bumps in the road, or circumstances that change your plans.. its all good if you just stay greatful and focused ~

Heres some of the things that I did this week ...


Its not open to the public yet , but i spent a few days camping in the MAGIC FOREST at Blue Arrow Farm in Pine Island NY.

Thank you so much to the farms owner and my dear friend Don Oriolo for the permission to camp there. There are SO many things to see at the Blue Arrow . Cant wait for everyone to be able to experience this place ! Stay Tuned for more info.

Heres some more photos

As for those inevitable "Bumps in the Road "

Mamma B had a bit of an incident while trying to get my sisters dog, Bella , away from a groundhog trap

This is Bella and my nephew. A rather large dog for my 70 year old mother to be handling

This is what happened to Mamma B when she slipped and fell onto the groundhog trap trying to pull Bella away.

5 internal and 9 external = total of 14 stitches

Then there was THIS GUY who likes to leave his dog in the car on 95degree days.

I went to get dog food at my local Tractor Supply and as I was leaving noticed this dog in a truck, barking like mad, with the windows fully up!

I went back to ask someone to announce the customers liscense plate#. When he came front, I asked him nicely to please tend to his dog.. either roll the windows down or bnring the dog inside where it's cool ( and pets are welcomed). He refused and told me to "mind my own F'n business!"..After we exchanged some "heated words"..I said sir, I don't want to call the police and bother them with this..and I dont want to bust your window , but I will do both if you dont tend to your dog. "

He said "go ahead ..Call the cops" so i did.

Bad Man

If you see him around , make sure you thank him for his kindness to animals !

and on a happy ending note . if you want to dine with your pet. The Franklin Sit and Chat diner is a great place to sit out side and enjoy a meal with your furry family member. Bowser even made a new friend, "Reeces" .. the cat who lives next door, but hangs out at the diner all day.

Who said dogs and cats cant get along ! =)


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