In Search of a Better Bike Trail

I've taken my bicycle on the Dutchess County Rail Trail, the Orange County Heritage Trail and the Sussex County Branch Trail. But I'm always looking for a new route and new sights.

So on Saturday morning, I drove down to the Ross Dock Picnic Area in Fort Lee, New Jersey, right near the George Washington Bridge. I still didn't find a great trail. Cyclists on Henry Hudson Road share it with motorists. And bicycles aren't allowed on many of the other trails.

So I hopped back into the car and drove up the Palisades Parkway. I pulled over at a few of the lookouts near the river, but still nothing.

So I'm still looking for a new, great bicycle trail.

The trail at the Ross Dock Picnic Area in Fort Lee.

This is what it looks like directly beneath the George Washington Bridge.

The George Washington Bridge is a huge expanse, especially when you're just below it.

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