Honest Question...How much do you love your pets ?

It might seem like a silly question, but.... some people dont treat their pets as if they even "LIKE" them. I dont want to post any controversial videos of animal abuse. You can find those (sadly) very easily on your own (if you choose to). I have seen WAT TOO MANY !

This is why I advocate for fair and humane treatment for ALL animals. Especially the creatures we choose to breed and raise for the sole purpose of slaughter and consumption.

Pet Pig ? or Pork ?

Over the past few days, Ive been thinking alot about the Vernon Police officer who was forced to shoot a local familys dog over the weekend. He must be heartbroken. My condolences also go to the family who lost their dog.

That being stated...Honestly, I have to put the blame on the owners for this one. They were not PAYING ATTENTION. Now their dog is dead, and a dog loving Police officer looks like the bad guy.

Thats what prompted the question: " How much do you love your pets ? "

Do you love them enough to make sure they are protected from themselves, and the outside world...even in your own backyard? ( Health check- ups..Obdeience Training...Solicitazion with Humans and other animals...Vaccines, Liscenses and Tags...Fences...Dog Houses...etc etc )

...To make sure they have healthy food & clean water EVERY DAY ?

...To take the time to 'listen' to what they are telling you? ( Body Language? Playfullness, Curiousity, Afraid, Anxious) EVERYDAY?

...To give them love, attention, EXCERCISE and playtime EVERYDAY?

Basically, do you love them enough to pay attention and treat them with all the same care and love you would your child or loved one!

If you're not sure , or the answer is even slightly NO...

"I only have a limited amount of free time"..

"my apartment is too small"..

"I work alot of hours"..

"The dog stays in the crate all day ...baby keeps me to busy...cant train him"

Blah Blah Blah...

you may love animals , but maybe you should'nt have a pet!


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